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Hospital websites and surgeon profiles can leave you wondering if you’re in the right hands for your treatment. Here you can find the right ‘specialist’ surgeon based on evidence, not guesswork. We look for high volume, high performing doctors - so we know the super-specialists in each procedure.

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Faster access with online booking

High performing surgeons often have long waiting lists, and are only available through hospital call centres. Now, with Book my Care you can view your chosen surgeon’s available clinic and book an appointment online.

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A knowledgeable concierge team

Don’t find yourself trying to navigate the complexities of private healthcare alone. We’re able to provide a single point of contact - a knowledgeable guide to help with your questions, book appointments, pay hospital and surgeon invoices, and transfer medical imaging.

Your own Private GP

Cover with Protect my Care gives you unlimited, free virtual private GP appointments 24/7, 365 days a year - for 12 months whilst you recover from surgery. With Cover with Protect my Care, you can seek professional medical advice and guidance at your convenience, right from the comfort of your own home.

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Good choices

Reviewing your clinical needs, reaching surgeons and medical secretaries, saving you time & money

Faster access

Using our influence to find slots in top surgeons' diaries & access to any cancellations

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Supporting transfers of medical files to surgeons & scheduling appointments around you


Ensuring best fixed prices - including protection & managing payments