About Us

Mr Nick Boyce

Your independent, data-driven private healthcare service

“Everything we do is designed to protect the interests of self- funding patients. We’re independent and entirely focused on finding better outcomes for our patients, at the best prices. This means faster recoveries, greater improvements in quality of life and lower levels of pain. And we ask providers the difficult questions - our customers often can’t - about their outcomes and data. This means patients can have more confidence they’re in the best hands.”

Mr Nick Boyle, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon and our Chief Medical Officer

Our Purpose

Solving self-payers' biggest frustrations

Data-Driven Solutions

We help you find the best surgeon for your care at the lowest price using data to reveal performance - so no more relying on guesswork.

Informed Decision Making

We help patients get the best out of private healthcare. From finding the right provider to getting the earliest appointment.

Ending the wait for treatment

Experience the end of long treatment delays, waiting in pain. We'll ease any administrative burden and put patients on a fast track to recovery.


Our leadership

Our team is made up of industry leaders: surgeons, physicians, diagnosticians, health insurance experts, healthcare entrepreneurs, private hospital leaders, occupational health providers, customer loyalty programme directors and AI/data specialists. All are driven by the need for private healthcare to cater better for the needs of self paying patients.


Customer Service Director